We are a team of seasoned expert practitioners with many years of experience in defining and implementing advisory infrastructure projects for leading Polish companies, both in the private and public sectors.

We have combined our knowledge of economic sciences and thorough understanding of the issues of infrastructure, transport, and energy with our professional experience and passion for advising our clients.


We are a Polish consulting firm that helps local businesses to achieve their business aspirations and build a lasting competitive advantage. We believe that taking actions based on a “knowledge-based economy” will help us achieve our common goals. We promote flexibility and innovation.



We want to become for our customers a leader and a preferred partner in providing the highest quality advisory services at every stage of a transport, energy or infrastructure investment.


Sectors we are active in

Infrastructure and Transport

The sectors of infrastructure and transport are of great importance to the society and the economy as they determine economic growth and job creation. According to the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), in Poland there are 495,200 employees in the transport industry only. The share of transport in GDP is as much as 10%*. Efficiency of transport exerts great impact on the operation of enterprises in Poland and thus – on the economy in general.

The range of services we offer in infrastructure and transport is addressed to entities operating on the markets:

  • rail
  • public transport
  • road


* „Transport pod lupą” report

Energy and Resources

Energy security is a strategic issue for every country. Generation and transmission of electricity is an economic bloodstream of every state, which, alongside the transport system, determines the efficient functioning of the economy.

Soon, the Polish power generation sector will need to provide for very high capital expenditure. This is a natural consequence of the aging process of existing power plants and transmission installations. Nearly 40% of power units in Poland are over 40 years old, and more than 15% are older than 50 years, which means they are eligible for immediate shut-down. Expenditure for modernisation is also motivated by EU requirements, especially those demanding reductions of emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxides. The necessity to comply with the emission requirements can lead to a shut-down of high-emission coal-fired power units.

The range of services we offer in energy industry-related matters is addressed to the entities on the following market:

• electricity    • heat    • fuels

In such segments as:

• distribution (transmission networks)  • generation  • sales


Following global trends Poland is making extensive efforts to develop electromobility. They have lead to the adoption of the Electromobility and Alternative Fuels Act as a part of the implementation of the EU Directive, which entered in force on 22 February 2018. It regulates the functioning of the alternative fuels market in the transport sector, in particular in relation to the electricity and natural gas. Its provisions will have a significant and long-term impact on the Polish economy.

The aforementioned Act introduces among others:

  • the obligation to include charging stations for electric vehicles in the building permits for public utility buildings and multifamily residential buildings specified in the Act and in the executive regulations;
  • the need to terminate transportation contracts concluded by thee state administration with entities who do not have a specific number of zero-emission vehicles in their fleet by 2019;
  • the obligation for the local self-governments and self-government administration authorities to have 30% and 50% zero-emission vehicles in their respective fleets and to execute public transportation contracts exclusively with entities having at least 30% of such vehicles in their fleet;
  • the obligation for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways to develop a network of public charging stations along the TEN-T network roads. 170 such stations are currently planned.
  • Clean Transport Zones – the Act regulates a procedure for the local self-governments to establish the zones as well as the terms of operation and entry;
  • regulations defining legal, technical and organisational requirements for the development of electric or gas charging stations and points for vehicles and vessels;
  • the obligation for the local self-government bodies to analyse costs and benefits of the use of the zero-emission vehicles in the public transportation every 36 months.

Using our knowledge and experience in economics and finance, together with experts in new technologies and technical aspects, we have created know-how to comprehensively evaluate and verify projects and plans in the field of electromobility. In combination with our experience in working on investment projects in the infrastructure and energy sector, the value of which exceeds PLN 40 billion, we offer the following spectrum of services:


  • initial verification of concepts and technologies - matrix research;
  • developing development forecasts for individual technologies (including defining financial, legal, technical, technological limitations, etc.);
  • analysis and risk assessment of new technological solutions;
  • comprehensive assessment of investment projects related to electromobility;
  • development of feasibility studies along with cost-benefit analyzes and multi-criteria analysis (matrix of variants, selection criteria, etc.);
  • performing cost-benefit analyzes for local government units, specified in Article 37 of the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels and transport plans.

Our Services


Consulting services under an infrastructure project lifecycle 

Our consulting services regarding infrastructure project lifecycle management are oriented at the optimal definition of project steps/tasks, the use of adequate project management concepts, and the application of appropriate techniques/tools to meet our client's expectations.

The scope of services in line with the project lifecycle covers, among others:

  • development of assumptions for strategies and development of full strategies;
  • industry and market analyses;
  • investment analysis at initial stages of development;
  • development of feasibility studies;
  • acquisition of funds for project financing – preparation of application documentation (EU funds, national funds, International Financial Institutions);
  • development of traffic models and marketing analyses;
  • development of Functional and Usability Programmes/Terms of Reference;
  • development of complete tender materials in public proceedings;
  • design (road/rail projects);
  • investment contract management.

We support clients in many areas related to the broadly understood infrastructure and industry. We help to raise European funds, we support carriers, infrastructure managers, owners or users of sidings, manufacturers of equipment and/or rolling stock. We support entities active in the public transport sector, local government units, etc.


Consulting services
on energy efficiency

Modern lighting guarantees safety and cost savings. Intelligent lighting allows you to limit the amount of light on the outside of the target area and evenly distribute light on a given area or object.

Implementing a project of lighting energy efficiency is intended to bring our clients tangible benefits in the form of: 

  • reduction of service costs
  • energy savings of up to 80%
  • high quality light and visibility
  • functionalities
  • long lasting durability
  • favourable investment financing formula

We implement each project step by step so that the implementation of each successive stage has its justification in the results and conclusions of the immediately preceding stage. This approach guarantees more control on the side of the client over the overall project and saves time, resources and money.

In particular, the scope of our services comprises:

  • detailed inventory – gathering basic information about the current outdoor lighting infrastructure for the designated facilities and rail areas;
  • design (equipment selection) – making photometric calculations and selection of equipment for the designated facilities/rail area;
  • pre-implementation analyses (effects, financing) – development of an optimum structure of the project implementation, including analysis of economic effects and market research on potential partners and funding institutions;
  • development of the design/tender documentation – development of the tender documentation and support in the selection of the project Partner/Contractor;
  • advice on the choice of the Partner and/or the Contractor – support in terms of providing financing conditions for the project to be implemented based on expectations.

Possible forms of funding considered during analyses:

  • own resources;
  • EU subsidy, including SOWA;
  • ESCO/EPC with guaranteed savings;
  • public-private partnership;
  • mixed financing.

We are at your disposal at each of these stages or at any stage, depending on the advancement of your project.

Consulting on Public-Private Partnerships 

The range of services offered by us is the result of conclusions drawn from long-term consulting practice and analyses of the most common errors made by public entities which have decided to implement projects under the PPP formula. Our services aim at:

  • carrying out preliminary pre-implementation analyses;
  • defining the objectives and the initial scope of the planned investment project;
  • pndicating the most optimum way of implementing a project;
  • market surveying of potential investors;
  • pre-structuring the project.

The purpose of implementing a project with an outside advisor is to increase your project's chances of success. This type of approach is supported by statistics on the results of the private partner selection process (2009 – April 2016).

With participation of Infra consultant







Without participation of Infra consultant







Our offer has been designed mainly for local governments, i.e. municipal, district, and provincial authorities, organisational units and governmental administration units seeking funding opportunities for their public tasks as well as private entities interested in participating in the PPP project.

Our services are divided into 2 phases:


Phase 1
Analysis of the feasibility and legitimacy of the project implementation

  • testing the validity and feasibility of the Project by analysing factors that determine the specific suitability of the PPP formula;
  • identifying the initial legal, market, financial, organisational and technical assumptions for the Project and the framework for cooperation with the private partner;
  • presenting to the Employer an optimum model of the Project implementation, including identification, evaluation and preliminary distribution of risks, division of tasks between public and private partners, remuneration mechanism and financial commitment of partners.

Phase 2
Support at the stage of project implementation

  • preparation and submission of complete documentation for selection of a private partner;
  • supporting the Employer in evaluating admission applications from potential private partners;
  • supporting the Employer during negotiations/dialogue with potential private partners in legal, financial, tax and organisational aspects;
  • preparation of a preliminary draft public-private partnership agreement and its modification/updating during negotiations/dialogue;
  • supporting the Employer in answering any questions asked by the Contractors with respect to the Terms of Reference;
  • supporting the Employer in evaluating bids and choosing the best bid.

Our Strengths

When implementing projects, we set up joint project teams and participate in their work. We always act as a business partner for our clients who can rely on our unique skillset, extensive experience and knowledge, but also on our personal contacts. We focus on effective team-based problem solving and knowledge transfer to the client. While our reports and analyses contain recommendations, indicating what exactly should be done and when to improve the “current state”, we would like to emphasise that we implement the necessary changes, in close co-operation with the client. In doing so we assume responsibility for the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

This understanding of partnership allows us to make genuine contribution to building and development of infrastructure in Poland and successfully complete the projects we are involved in.



We realise projects and orders to enable our clients to achieve their business goals. We take on ambitious challenges and support our clients’ development, helping them as they make breakthrough changes and reducing the costs and risks they incur. We maintain high quality standards of our services as well as enhance our clients’ competitiveness and recognisability.


We are a team of specialised experts and managers with a wealth of experience of working for leading companies on the Polish and international markets. We develop market and industry analyses as well as provide consultancy to companies and local governments on infrastructure, energy, transport and on improving operational excellence.


The reputation and prominence of our experts within the industry testify to their professionalism and their successful track records. The services we offer are geared towards achieving tangible market and financial results. From the very beginning of the relationship with the client, we can demonstrate effectiveness of the concepts we develop and of the actions we take.


We provide comprehensive services across the range of industries we operate in. We connect and explore worlds of economics, innovation and technology and utilise several methods of process optimisation and complex project management.

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