For more than 15 years the Infra - Centrum Doradztwa experts have been providing services for the railway, public transportation and securing EU funding services.
For more than 7 years of business we have completed more than 200 projects supporting Polish railways, inland navigation and transport at the local government units.
We have helped our clients in securing European funding counted in dozens of billions of zloty.
We are the market leader in terms of development of infrastructural feasibility studies for railway administrators, intermodal terminals and inland ports.
We have secured the most aid funds for our customers to develop intermodal projects.
We have audited rolling stock manufacturers and suppliers. We have developed strategies for the largest businesses in the railway sector.
We have prepared development programs, functional programs, and project documentations.
We have conducted public consultations, prepared traffic and parking analyses, passenger stream forecasts, and demand analyses for our customers.
We have developed a feasibility study for the pioneering project of common ticket for different modes of transportation for an entire voivodeship.

The Mission

We are a Polish consulting company that is helping domestic entities in reaching their business aspirations and developing a lasting competitive edge. We believe in “knowledge-based economy” and that it will allow us to reach our common goals. We encourage flexibility and innovation.

The Vision

We strive to become a leader and first-choice partner proving highest quality consulting services at every stage of investment project development for the transport, power, IT or infrastructure sectors.

Our operating sectors

Infrastructure and transport

The infrastructure and transport sector is crucial for the society and the economy because it determines the economic growth and creates new jobs. According to the Central Statistical Office’s data for the year 2020 the transport sector in Poland gives work to 658.2 thousand people. Share of transport in the GDP is approx. 6%*. Transport effectiveness and efficiency has a crucial impact on business operations in Poland and thus on the entire economy.

Our services in the area of infrastructure and transport are addressed to entities operating in the following markets:

  • railways
  • road transport
  • public transportation

* Information of the Central Statistical Office on the adjusted estimated gross domestic product for 2020.

European funds, digital and energy transformation

Investments in the infrastructure sector in Poland in the coming years will be at the highest level in decades. Europe is transitioning towards economy 4.0. Processes related to the next stages of the technological revolution in the IT sector and power industry are beginning.

In cooperation with our technological partners we are offering comprehensive and innovative approach to business project implementation. We offer full service outsourcing to all industries and sectors from investment project definition, through securing funding (e.g. the European funds) to the final acceptance of deliveries or infrastructure development.

We have completed projects of total value of


Our services


Consultancy as a part of infrastructure project life cycle

Our services in the area of infrastructure project life cycle management focus on optimal definition of investment stages/tasks, utilisation of suitable project management concepts, and application of suitable techniques/tools to satisfy the expectations of the financing party/client.

We support our clients in many areas related to the broadly defined infrastructure, industry and IT. We assist entities operating in the industrial sectors such as infrastructure, energy, transport and many others in securing the EU funding. We support entities operating in the public transportation sector and local government units.

Scope of services according to the project life cycle includes:

  • development of strategy assumptions and full strategies
  • industry and market analyses
  • investment analyses in the initial stages of development
  • demand audit - digital transformation
  • development of feasibility studies
  • securing funds for projects – preparation of application documentation (EU funds, national funds, International Financial Institutions)
  • development of traffic models and marketing analyses
  • development of Functional Programs/ToR
  • development of complete bidding materials in public procurement procedures
  • design (road/railway/IT projects)
  • investment contract management/deliveries

Our advantages

While implementing projects we create and participate in joint work of the project teams, and we also act as a business partner for our clients. We provide the client with a broad range of tools, experience and knowledge of our experts, as well as our personal connections. We focus on effective, collegial business problem-solving and transfer of knowledge to the client. In our reports, analyses we not only provide a list of recommendations specifying what, when and how should be done to improve the “current condition” but rather in close collaboration with the client we implement the necessary changes while taking the responsibility for the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

This view of partnership allows us to have a real impact on the construction and development of the infrastructure in Poland and on the implementation of all projects in which we are involved.


We implement projects and tasks that guarantee our clients achieve their business goals. We accept ambitious challenges and support our clients in their growth and transformational changes while minimising the costs and risk. We maintain high quality of our services, improve competitive edge and recognisability.


We are a team of experts and managers with long-term experience gained in leading business in the Polish and international markets. We are developing market and industry analyses, we advise business and local government units in the area of infrastructure, power engineering, transport, optimisation of operations as well as digital and energy transformation.


Recognisability of our experts and their renown in the industry proves the professionalism and success of the projects they implemented. Our services focus on providing our clients with measurable market and financial results. We are flexible in our relations with the client, which ensures effectiveness of the developed concepts and undertaken actions.

Interdisciplinary approach

We provide broad services at the intersection of industries in which we operate. We merge and weave worlds of economy, innovation and technology, IT, process optimisation methods, and complex project management.

Pomeranian System of
Consulting Services
Member of the Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers
and Railway Service Providers
Member of the Land Transport Commercial Chamber
Member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
Member of the International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
Member of the Union Polish Nationwide of Designers and Engineers
Pomeranian System of
Consulting Services
Member of the Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers
and Railway Service Providers
Member of the Land Transport Commercial Chamber
Member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
Member of the International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
Member of the Union Polish Nationwide of Designers and Engineers


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